El Matador Restaurant  
501 S. Bartlett Rd.
Streamwood, IL 60107
This review was written by Don Hogan.

I must admit that this restaurant is more to me than just a Mexican Restaurant. I have been bringing my family to this restaurant since about 1970. It is where I first saw my second grandson Josh Bishop (14) and the table that we sat at is still in the same place.

What I have enjoyed over the years is the friendly atmosphere, good food, and very good Margaritas. When you are seated you receive a basket of hot, thick chips and two kinds of salsas'. In addition you receive a bowl of seasoned carrots, onions, and peppers. You could almost make a meal of these treats. These treats are so good that I ask for take home to be taken back to Atlanta!

The food is good and is mostly typical Mexican. One of the items that has been on the menu for years are the crab enchiladas, very good! I usually get the Tex-Mex enchiladas because they have a great chili con carne sauce.

Over the years the restaurant has changed hands. The current owners need to make some upgrades to the inside of the restaurant and the parking lot. I'm afraid that after all of these years that in the near future my trip to this location may find and vacant building if these issues are not addressed. For a restaurant to continue in business as long as this one has is unusual. I hope that I can continue to enjoy the food and friends that I have acquired over the years. Some of the wait staff has been at this restaurant for over 20 years.

Ever with these drawbacks a trip to El Matador is well with your effort.

Don Hogan


Rating 4

Rating 4