La Bamba
10169 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Plantation, FL 33322

This review was written by Don Hogan.

I go to this restaurant when I visit my kids in Plantation. It is just around the corner from their home. The grandchildren love it. I think the margaritas are very bland. The food is a little above average and as usual for Mexican restaurants the servings are large. To prepare for the visit I had two of my daughters home made margaritas before we left for dinner.

I had the crab enchiladas and they were pretty good (thought not as good as my favorite El Matador). Chips and salsa are OK and they do serve a hot and mild salsa.

Don Hogan


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Pure Taqueria
103 Roswell St. NE
Alpharetta, GA 30004
This review was written by Don Hogan.

I read about this restaurant in the AJC they are a part of the Sedgwick group of restaurants. The name Pure Taqueria must come from its location in an old Pure Gas Station. The kitchen is located within the dining area and Beth and I were seated next to the kitchen. It was not too bad but as expected a lot of activity was taking place. This turned out to be a very popular place. We arrived at about 6:30 pm and were immediately seated inside. Our preference would have been the patio but it was full and we did not choose to wait for a table. Within 15 minutes of our arrival the place was full and everyone hoping to get a table had to wait.

The menu is not your typical Mexican fare. One example is:

gorditas de puerco which are crispy corn masa cakes stuffed with red chile shredded pork, queso freco & salsa verde at $8.99.

Normal chips served when you arrive are the regular dipping chips served at many Mexican restaurants. Only one salsa is served and it is hot, though very good.

We started with a guacamole y tostadas ($5.99) that was served with fresh made El Milagro tostadas. The El Milagro chips are thick and very good with little chance of breaking a chip while you scoop into the guacamole dip. I'll request the El Milagro chips on our next visit in place of the regular chips. The guacamole dip really was fresh; we even had the avocado seed in the dip!

The special for the night was crab enchiladas ($17.99) and I ordered those. The presentation was great, not your typical mixture of rice, beans, and sauce. They were pretty good (thought not as good as my favorite at El Matador). Beth ordered quesadillas de pollo y queso ($8.99) that consisted of corn-masa turnovers stuffed with chicken, cheese, & sweet onions served with sour cream and guacamole.

We ordered a pitcher of Margarita Sedgwick ($34.99) which is served with a shot of Gran Marnier and a shot of gran gala orange liquor. They don't serve it frozen which is our preference but this was one of the best margarita's we have tasted.

To cap things off Beth thought that the bartender looked familiar and she discovered that he was Carlos from the old La Paz on Roswell Road. He remembered us and that we drank Liquor 43. What a night! Too bad Pure Taqueria does not stock Liquor 43. Maybe Carlos will order some and be prepared for our next visit.

Don Hogan


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