El Azteca              
169 Tom Hill Sr. Blvd.
Macon, GA 31210
(478) 475-9199                     Map

This review was written by Don Hogan.


Not very good. Pretty low end Mexican food. We stopped here on the way to Hilton Head. We can't rate the Margaritas because we were driving and not drinking.


Rating NA

Rating 1                                


May 5TH grill & cantina  
21 Office Park Road
Sapelo Building – Suite 105
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
(843) 686-5629                         Map

This review was written by Don Hogan.


Surprisingly good food. The Queso Fundido was very good with rich thick Asadero cheese and fresh jalapenos. I had a Tacos De Pescado (Tilapia) that was actually an appetizer because I was not very hungry. Beth had Conchinita Pibil Estilo Yucatan (Pork) that she thoroughly enjoyed.


Margaritas were OK. There were not many people in the restaurant and I think they staffed for a slow night. The greeter was the server and bartender and I think she made a good effort at making the Margaritas but came up short.


Worth going back. Hard to find though since it is in an office building at the back of the complex.


Rating 2

Rating 4           


The Bridge Mexican Gourmet Restaurant
10479 Alpharetta St.
Roswell, GA 30075
( 678 ) 373 - 1726                          Map

This review was written by Don Hogan.


We were put onto this place by my SeniorNet buddy George Fuller. His comment when he sent me the info was " Have you tried "The Bridge" here in Roswell ? It has authentic Mexican food (not your typical TexMex) with some unique recipes, all fully prepared on site from scratch.
Everything is very reasonable except the margaritas which although excellent are rather high. Not much atmosphere, but the staff and food are wonderful."


That pretty much makes up the review. We liked the food and thought that the chips and salsa were pretty good. The chips were light and tasty. Another measure was the guacamole which we thought was almost as good as Monterrey's.


Margaritas were on the pricy side with a 1/2 liter going for $20. Monterrey's top shelf 1/2 pitcher (32oz) goes for $13.


I don't think we will be back but I can't say anything bad about the taste of the food or margaritas. Also did not see too much "Gourmet" food but you can judge for yourself by clicking on their link.




Rating 4

Rating 4