El Molcajete Mexican Restaurant
14155 Highway 9 N  
Milton, GA 30004
(770) 817-9797                
This review was written by Don Hogan.

This place opened in March just across the highway from our complex. We just visited it with our friends Susan & Todd Folk. Several of our other friends had given this place mixed reviews.

The chips were good but the salsa was just a paste, no hunks of tomatoes, onions or jalapenos. We ordered the guacamole dip which turned out to be quite good with nice chunks of avocados. 

The server asked what we wanted to drink and suggested a pitcher of margaritas or the super sized 80 oz pitcher. Before we could say anything Todd ordered the super size. It came in a tall pitcher with frost all around that made it difficult to handle. However, they were quite good.

The food was very good and each of us ordered a different dish. Mine was the seafood enchilada. As usual I took about half of mine home and enjoyed it again the next night.

This restaurant is a step up from several other Mexican restaurants in the area and in the same price range. Beth and I will be visiting again.





Azul Agave
4120 Old Milton Parkway  
Alpharetta, GA 30005
(678) 566-0169                     
This review was written by Don Hogan.

We visited it with our friends Susan & Todd Folk. Susan and Beth had lunch here several months ago. As a result of a Groupon we decided to re-visit it.

This is a pretty upscale restaurant, not your typical Mexican fare. There were no combo's on the menu.

Chips were standard but the dip was above average. We also ordered the cheese dip with Jalapenos. There were very few Jalapenos and the dip was very thin.

We ordered "top shelf" margaritas, two frozen and two regular. Nothing special here. The frozen were more like Slushes with very little taste of tequila or Grand Marnier. The price was $10 per margarita.

The food was above what you would expect. I had Pan Seared Trout ($17) that was very good. However I have never had trout severed with the skin side up. I had to turn the fish over. The roasted corn, mushroom, lobster sauce that came with it was very good.

They do offer a limited gluten free menu.

It was a Sunday night and not very busy, however Todd's meal was served several minutes after our meals were served. It was the proverbial  "go ahead and eat" scenario.

As I said this is not your typical Mexican restaurant and the prices reflect it. We could eat at Monterrey or Tarahumata twice for what it cost for one meal here. The prices are not as high as Rosa Mexicano but they are not far from it.

We would probably return if it were a special occasion and we had another Groupon.