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Publishing Services Associates

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My company page on the WEB. It contains information about my consulting services company.


Civil War Markers

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This site is where I track some of the 950 Civil War Markers in Georgia. This site has pictures of over 700 of the markers in the greater Atlanta area. The site also has pictures from almost 60 Civil War Cemeteries. Most pictures have the GPS location recorded.


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This site tracks the waterfalls that Beth Korn and I have visited. The site has pictures of over 60 waterfalls and their GPS location.


Hogan Photo Blog


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A site that has pictures of my family and ancestors. The Hogan name goes back to ancient Ireland. The Irish version of the surname is Ó hOgáin, from a diminutive of óg, meaning "young". The original Ogán from whom the family claim descent lived in the tenth century and was an uncle of Brian Boru, the High King who defeated the Vikings at Clontarf in 1014. Like Brian Ború, they were part of the Dál gCais tribal grouping, whose original territory took in Clare and parts of Tipperary.


Hogan Clan WEB Page

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A site that contains material shared with other members of the Hogan family.

Gene McCormick Books, Poetry & Art


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Gene McCormick’s poems are non-formalist in manner, written in a clear and accessible prose form of “public,” or populist, poetry that blends storytelling with thought-provoking literary precision. “To me,” says McCormick, “a poem is the distilled essence of a thought, or a moment.

Beth's Web Page

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Just a fun site.


Beth's Mexican Restaurant Review

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A site designed to review Mexican restaurants.

Beth's Photography Site

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A site dedicated to Beth's photography



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Associated site that maps the locations of Civil War Markers in Georgia. This site has maps of the markers in the greater Atlanta area.


Butt Dimple

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Just a fun site. 


Hogan Music Blog

DonBob Seger Radio

Listen to my favorite music by Bob Seger, George Thorogood, and other groups.

Roswell Adult Learning Center

A WEB site that I maintain for

The Roswell Adult Learning Center (RALC), which opened in January of 2001, is located in the Roswell Adult Recreation Center, 830 Grimes Bridge Road, Roswell, GA 30075 (770.641.3950).   The Roswell Adult Learning Center is a Not for Profit 501(C) (3) organization and contributions to the Learning Center are tax deductible.

Light Houses


Beth's Lighthouse Site

A collection of lighthouse photos


Crooked Creek Portal

A WEB site that I maintain for

The Crooked Creek HOA


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