Tarahumata Mexican Grill
12050 Etris Rd
Roswell, GA 30005
(770) 998-5590                    Map

This review was written by Don Hogan.


Beth and finally visited the new location when my tennis practice was cancelled and I was in the area. I called Beth and asked her to meet me at the new location. We had met the manager Rick (Enrique) when he was training at the Windward location.


Service was good and we saw a few familiar faces from the other location. The place is beautifully decorated. We got a little tour and was show the private room that is available to accommodate 14-18 people. They also have two patios but because of the weather we did not visit them.


The queso with jalapenos was creamy and thick. The margaritas were above average but not at the level of Windward. I attribute that to the fact that the staff at Windward knows how we like our margaritas and usually makes them to order.


Food was very good probably at the level of the Windward location. Very enjoyable and we will return.



Rating 4

Rating 4


Los Rancheros
1020 Lincoln Avenue
Jacksonville, IL 62650-3108
(217) 243-5612‎              
This review was written by Kaitlyn George and Don Hogan.

Kaitlyn is new at this so here goes:

Food: If this is out of 5 jalapenos, I rate the food a 4.   If you rate on a scale from 1 to 10, I'll give it a 8.

Overall experience: Excellent food, great atmosphere.


From Don:


We visited this restaurant on my recent trip to central Illinois to visit my kids and grandkids. I was impressed by the making of the guacamole right at the table. The ingredients were fresh and you were able to choose how much of each ingredient went into the mix. Food, as Kaitlyn reported was good. Better quality than many Mexican restaurants. Of course the evening was enjoyable with a large part of my family in attendance.


Margaritas were OK but not up to the level we get back in our favorite restaurants in the Atlanta area.


Rating 2                             

Rating 3.5 (I split the difference with Kaitlyn)