Adobo Taqueria & Tequila Bar
11585 Jones Bridge Rd. Suite 640
Alpharetta, GA 30022
(770) 772-1077                           Map

This review was written by Don Hogan.


Updated March 10, 2009. The restaurant is no longer affiliated with Monterey.


We went to dinner with our friends Todd & Susan Folk and Don & Carol Shifflett.


I had heard from the staff at Tarahumata (same owner) that they were opening a new restaurant located at Jones Bridge and Kimball Bridge and we decided to investigate it.


Adobo is a Spanish word for seasoning or marinade. The noun form is used to describe the actual marinade or seasoning mix, and the term used for a meat which has been marinated or seasoned with an adobo is referred to having been adobada. I can tell you it means great food.


The guacamole was very chunky and one of the best that we have had. Actually a little better than that served at Monterey and Tarahumata which is quite a feat.


Margaritas were on the same level as those served at Monterey and Tarahumata. We ordered a pitcher of Texas and they were served with tall glasses, a change of pace and a nice touch.


I had the Tilapia Adobada and it was the best piece of Tilapia that I have had at any restaurant, Mexican or otherwise. Beth had the Adobo Quesadilla and she loved it. I did not keep track of all of the food orders but the general comments were very favorable.

I want to thank Vincenta and the staff for a very enjoyable evening and for providing a great after dinner drink, “chocolate cake.”   That was very special and yummy.

The company was great, dinner was great, margaritas were great and the setting was very nice. The restaurant is located at the end of a Publix shopping center and is somewhat out of the way. We will definitely return.



Rating 5

Rating 5



Note: This restaurant and Tarahumata Mexican Grill have the same owners.



Subsequent visits to this restaurant reinforce our opinion. This is a very good Mexican restaurant with some unusual dishes.